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Experience the finest beauty treatment at the heart of North Sydney

Zee Salon De Beaute is a boutique specialising in body and facial removal. They offer a range of services both for men and women. They emphasise on being a close-knit community with active communication with their customer base.

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Extending from the already produced marketing collaterals, Zee Salon De Beaute wished to design a website that followed the same consistency. The objective of the website is to inform their audience of services that can be attained. Other than informing the website also served as a portal to make booking arrangements.


After going through our design process, their website became available to the public. A simple and clean responsive website that is easy to navigated highlighted by brand personality

Zee Salon De Beaute's designed website on computer and mobile screens to show responsiveness

Website service type

Website design and development – Starter plan

Website extras

  • Marketing collaterals

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*Any changes from project completion is up to the clients prerogative