Project Description

Pokebro's logo

Kind of like sushi, but better!

Pokebros is a restaurant that provides Japanese/Hawaiian cuisine. They are known for their Poké, a fresh mix of proteins, carbs, toppings, condiments and sauces in a bowl.

Small snippet of Pokebros website hero image
Snippet of Pokebros call to action design


Pokebros wanted to create a website that allowed them to share their passion for fresh food. The site should be clean and simple, easy for the user to navigate and search for menu items.


After going through a guided design process, their website came to be. A clean and simple website that works well on all devices. The website introduces elements of their brand to induce familiarity.

Pokebro's designed website on computer and mobile screens to show responsiveness

Website service type

Website design and development – Starter plan

Website extras

  • Logo design

  • Extra pages

  • Website changes

  • Newsletter subscription

  • Blog setup

  • Photo editing

See the live site

*Any changes from project completion is up to the clients prerogative