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A to Z Builders is a privately owned company that specialises in building, extending and renovating homes. They have 30 years experience in the industry with a record of being reliable, friendly and efficient.

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A to Z Builders required a website to achieve one objective – let people know they exist. With a desire to go digital, the client wanted the website to serve as a portfolio, showing past works and area of expertise. The client requested for a one-page layout highlighting their services in architecture, engineering, and construction.


After going through our design process, their website became known to the public. A clean responsive website that is easy to use with a top-down layout. The website incorporates brand motifs. Best of all, the project assumed cost-efficiency – a means to save ongoing cost.

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Website services

Website design and development – Starter plan

Website extras

  • Google email setup

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*Any changes from project completion is up to the clients prerogative