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How do we create your website?

The design process we employ helps us created custom sites, proven to work for business intents.

The process defines the problem at hand and steers the project towards the best solution. Each step can have multiple revision based on your feedback, looping the step back and forth until we have a design you are happy with.

1. Research

To begin, we start by collecting information about your business by talking to you. We determine the objective of your site,  review what works between noticeable competitors, collect your industry trends and compare the data to your personal design intents.

Sitemapping illustration

2. Content

With all the homework collected, we start to organize the content into ‘bullet points’ to help structure your website. It will determine the number of pages, and where all the content will go on each page.

Content collection illustration

3. Site mapping

Now we can start visually organizing the overall structure to your website. What page goes where is determined, linked and showcased with a digestible diagram.

Sitemapping illustration

4. Wireframing

We have been talking a lot about structure, but what about the layout? The wireframes as the name suggest lay’s out the content on each page visually. The wireframes determine the placement of images, written text and any sort of elements planned for your website. In this step, you can expect a basic low-level design (labeled boxes) to showcase each page’s layout.

Wireframing illustration

5. Design

Now for the fun bit! After all the planning, we can start designing. This step incorporates colour, images, typographic treatments into a static mock-up for review of each defined page.

Designing illustration

6. Development

Its time to make all the design work, literally work. The development phase takes the design and produces a functional site. It is in this step where you can interact and oversee the website’s final deliverable.

Development illustration

7. Testing and LAUNCH!

Once all is approved and well, we start to test the website to make sure the website works well across different devices. We will also give you 2 weeks of training and support for your new website.

Testing and deployment illustration


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