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Making financial planning easy and enjoyable

Private Phoenix Wealth Management Practice specialises in providing strategic and tactical financial advice solutions. They offer a range of services that help their customer with financial issues. PPWM values customer satisfaction and often provide a “hands-on” approach by getting to know their clients.

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Snippet of Private Phoenix Wealth Management's website design


The brief was simple, make a website that structures the large array of information into digestible content. While the bulk of the work involved information architecture, the inclusion of their brand was also noted. Private Phoenix Wealth Management did not have a stylistic guideline, so instead, an extraction of motifs form their marketing materials was noted.


After going through our design process, their website became accessible by their clients. A clean responsive website that is easy to use, clear navigational tools designed to help engage all types of audiences.

The information is structured not to only inform but to also convince potential clients is the go-to financial advisers. Such as the included elements of call to actions buttons and internal links became prominent as a means to contact the business for further guidance.

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Website service type

Website design and development – Starter plan

Website extras

  • Extra pages

  • Website changes

  • Blog setup

  • Photo editing

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*Any changes from project completion is up to the clients prerogative