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Welcome to Creative8, a website focused design studio. Funny for us to say, but we are good at web design and development. Creative8 started with helping a couple of local businesses start their website journey. One thing led to another and here we are, talking about what we do!

We believe the cost should not outweigh the return. A cost-efficient solution is very important in starting a business. For that reason, we provide websites that are competitive, relevant and best of all, affordable.

Custom websites are just the brink of competitive edge. We offer solutions that will help kick-start your digital potential – making your site look good and work well.

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One website solution does not fit all.

Pre-made templates will not fit your business goals.

Just having a website alone is no longer competitive. Instead, create a strong digital brand connection to your audience!

Since 2012, we have helped many businesses establish an online presence. We HAVE provided free guidance, and support after each project.

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Count on us in providing the best visual results for your business. Not only do we do our homework, but also baseline our designs to what visually works for your industry!

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