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Pakko is an Australian manufacturer of cardboard packaging and cardboard goods. They deliver customized packaging, ensuring customers brands are properly represented. The business underwent a complete branding revamp in the notion of “creative”.

Pakko's cardboard products for their clients
Pakko's cart system website element


The client came to request a website design that aligned with their branding intents. Provided with a brand outline, the project objective had one goal in mind – to become an emerging contender within the cardboard packaging space as an e-commerce platform.


The client requested and opted for “fun” design styles as a means of branding representation (website in particular).

Held true to a simple and clean layout, the project took on board elements that worked on the old website. With the accompanying data, the new website incorporated branding schemes to move away from the thought of cardboards as boring.

Pakko's cardboard products branded as fun


After going through the design process, the website was developed. A clean and simple responsive website with clear navigational elements for ease of use.

Staying true to the cardboard industries expectations of what cardboard “should be”, the website evoked fun through strategic colour choices imagery and placement.

Pakko's designed website on computer and mobile screens to show responsiveness

Website services type

Website design and development – Business plan

Website additional add-ons 

  • Custom illustrations

  • Extra pages

  • Website changes

  • Newsletter subscription

  • Blog setup

  • Photo editing

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*Any changes from project completion is up to the clients prerogative